Samples of my work:

This job was to replace an old power-board with a new circuit-breaker board.

Circuit breakers are automatic protection devices in the fusebox that switch off a circuit if they detect a fault. They are similar in size to fuses, but give more precise protection. When they ‘trip’, you can simply reset the switch. But make sure you correct the fault first.

I pride myself on my efficient, tidy and safe work, as witness the professional and neat wiring here.

A complete bathroom renovation required a custom lighting effect beside the bath – always tricky around water– (note the highlighted inset just above the centre of the bath). The job also included complete ceiling and wall lighting. No problem; and client thrilled.

A full set of ceiling pot-lights is about to beautifully enhance this room.

 An energy efficient light bulb can use between 25% and 80% less energy than traditional incandescent light bulbs and also last 3 to 25 times longer. In the long run, the cost savings that households can experience are substantial.

Call me now to install LED pot-lights in your home!

An industrial job involving repairing a complex distribution-board or circuit-breaker system.

In addition to controlling the electrical flow in the form of amperes (amps), industrial circuit breakers also monitor the flow on a continuous basis. The design varies if the circuit breaker is used in a home or in an industrial place.


No job too big or too small.

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More pictures to come when I can get time to spend with my webbie!